★ TRANSMEDIA ALLIANCE (the making of the Alliance)

I believe that transmedia creation can be to the media what contemporary arts are to the arts.

I take full responsibility for my statements and have great gratitude to the people of different countries whom have been there to help with respect and gratitude to develop ideas with care. We are building...

Transmedia Alliance is a nonprofit organization to advocate for transmedia as a creative form and practice of itself.

Transmedia Alliance is forming as a nonprofit organization created in conjunction with the international community and has been an ongoing project since 2010. 

      -   « TRANSMEDIA » : Advocate for transmedia as a creative form and practice of itself, within an existing and evolving community of practitioners, researchers and professionals, taking into account their criteria, resources and feedback.

-    « EUROPE » : For its multi-cultural needs, languages and understandings, in the respect of the European Union and its politics, including international cooperation.  

-    « ALLIANCE »: The word stands for the need and action of being in relation with the territories and communities of the world, in relation with the emerging global market, experimenting and building bridges between creators, to foster relationships and progress in the creation of an online/offline sustainable living lab that can help converge knowledge base results and improve practice.

This is a plan strategy meant to gather transmedia experienced practitioners and researchers in order to advocate for the sake of transmedia storytelling, practice and its evolving craft, sustain the emerging networks, and report to the community and its public bodies.


The organization will be predicated on encouraging investigation, experimentation, communication and knowledge of what construes ‘transmedia’. It shall be independent from any other organization, aiming to advocate in the best democratic way possible, with effective management, good practice and respect for the ethics and politics of the global world. It shall work to its optimal level in promoting proof of concepts and initiatives, and it shall endeavor to foster cross-territory and trans-disciplinary productions. It shall have expertise in as many as possible disciplines that can be gathered into a transmedia experience. Its board of advisors shall be of very high integrity and work in the respect of the genesis of the emerging community that has been discussing online and offline. It could be called a lobby, a think tank, but the objective is a “think & do tank” where social innovation is taking place. This lab community will promote sharing of both knowledge base results and applied principles.


A proposed strategy for 3 years could unfold as follows:


Put in place a detailed framework for the “Transmedia Feed”, a resource based platform (inspired by Scott Walker and Brooke Thompson, as well as Julie Stratton *) in order to curate dedicated knowledge and resources in several languages with validated translations, along with an associated work in progress glossary.


The curation shall be accurate and aggregate existing content in order to spread this common knowledge. The Transmedia Feed can help raise awareness and help the academia to build teaching programmes. It shall use existing and adapted tools. Its Editorial part includes supervision, translation and publication. The organization shall publish content when appropriated.


The organization shall help manage the community in the respect of the multiplicity of the existing and forming groups (“transient groups”) into a framework where they can be listed and curated in order to help re-direct people when they need to find specific information or contacts.


The organization shall provide the pubic bodies with accurate information about its evolution and the evolution of the existing communities, issues and initiatives. This is also in order to help better manage the new funding systems and take care of issues related to business models in a trans-disciplinary new global market. It shall represent its members or be in relation with other organizations, in as many counties as possible in order to sustain its objectives and evolve.


Therefore a 3 years plan shall validate the objectives, adapt to the realities of the emerging community and find its own business model. Proposed plan:

-    Co-write a survey with its members to publish along with the current temporary draft of a mission statement; analyze the answers, report the findings to the EC and other public bodies, publish the report;


-    gather letters of intent from the Board of Advisors and propose a memberships and management system;


-    modify the objectives of the organization according to the feedback of its members, and continue to develop the objectives as an ongoing work in progress;


-    apply for funding for the “Transmedia Feed” and provide shared knowledge in several languages in an open source platform.


The values that will be enshrined for Transmedia Europe & Alliance could be:  

arts & culture, trans-disciplinary, multi cultural & multi languages, open culture (shared knowledge, open access, open source) and transparency, democracy, education, global market, continuing education, best practices, international cooperation. 


Not only this is one result of the convergence of the digital media communities, but it is related to the globalization of the economy and the reaction of the current crisis each community, professional sector, or territory is facing. Since 2011, the year of the “Human Convergence”, year 2012 sees a great movement of socio-cultural changes in multi and cross media practices.


Professionals of complementary disciplines need to better know each in order to experiment new practices and converge their expertise. They learn from each other and enhance cooperation.


Please comment in our open group in LinkedIn where you can also propose questions for the survey : http://tinyurl.com/7jwxjmf 




Special thanks to Carrie Cutforth Young @kulturvulturz & @simon_staffans @Moja051 @splashmango @scott_walker @geologylady and many of you, you are so many!