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For several years now I surf in the 'transmediahoods' and encounter lots of practitionners, researchers, creators of all kind in the creatives and cultural industries. But the more people I actually encounter are bullshitters and so called 'firstimers' or people whom get automatically inspired, get home, change their online profiles, transfort their short term volunteer work into a long terme professional experience, and become transmedia consultants in some clicks ;-)


In order to recontextualize my personal R&D (my "recherche appliquée" as we say in France), I took the decision to start a PhD and transform part of my work into a "recherche fondamentale" for the challenge of it, for the advocacy and the political statement (and to say what I have to say!). A long term project for which I will update not only a web site, but several blogs and online workspaces for @TransmediaReady, and more recently formed Transmedia Alliance, for which I owe you some explanations.

The reboot starts now! From Harlem, New York City, after visiting my former college at City University of New York, and also chatting with my supervisors in France: Aix Marseille Université and CNAM, Paris (Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers).  


Because a 21st century transdisciplinary approach needs to be not only transdisciplinary, but transcontinental?

I own you lots of catchups, stories, updates and feedback since fall 2011. I had my own nightmares (parasites, parasites...) and dreams, but I never stopped to:

- build the Network Of Networks (we have created a nonprofit with 21 co-founders from 14 countries)

- advocate for transmedia as an art form (still running the same Meetup in Paris and participating in numerous events, was invited at SXSW...)

- promote the 7 Transmedia Families (the card game and its "characters" are moving towards version 02 of the whole tool/game and works as a very slow ARG with #Fairies and #Alchimists... to be continued...)

- look for better contributors, better collaborators, better practices, better networking, better ideas, better plans, better mentors, better participants, better solutions...

- chat with the international, transcontinental, community

- be fair and grateful to the pionners

- look for integrety and ethical behaviors

- curate, observe, observe and observe... ("Be the detached observer" Krishnamurti)



Give me till the launch of year 2014 to reboot the Transmedia Ready ecosystem, give you and myself a better online environnement, re-publish articles, start a newsletter, continue a Glossary and so on.

In the meantime please follow me @TransmediaReady (pro)and you can also follow me @KHenthusiasm (perso) for more 'Hacktivism' and chatting, with nice tags and keywords.



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