Transmedia Jam in San Francisco

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The 7 Transmedia Families are in San Francisco right now, playing at the TRANSMEDIA JAM:

Transmedia Jam using the 7 transmedia families: here are some tips for you jammers! DISCOVER THE 42 CHARACTERS (clic)

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Basic mantra: "Everyone is a storyteller".

Optional mantra: "Tools and platforms are here to serve you and not the other way round".

Take one card. Who are you? Does it feel like... you have something in yourself that make it possible to get the extra skills you need to create a transmedia experience? Enjoy. If you are not liking the card you've picked just concentrate on the Family only then and find the group you are with. Ask your collaborators and co-creators to read your card for you and see whether anyone can exchange their own card with yours. 

If you are stuck or lacking creativity during one moment, take a short break, let it go and look at the cards. Stare… Or pick one card out of the complete game and ask yourself:

“Do I already have this profile in my team?”

“What skills of mine can be best used for that role in the team or experience?”

“Where and how can I find this expertise for my team or experience?”

“Is my transmedia project too big? Too small? Can this card change anything in my creative process to reach the balance…”

Look at all the cards now: “What do I miss the most for a good native transmedia project?”

Turn to your team: “Can you read (interpret) this card for me?”

You can also pick each card you think you already have in the current development of your project, and: “Do you have at least one card for each family?”.

Since the Jam is focusing on social media, you might think that you only need the “Communities” family. Not at all. Each other family is in relation with your creativity and your storyworld, that is the magic of transmedia. Each part should influence the other. For instance, if you think you are done with your Storyworld, look at the Communities and improve the Storyworld into a more open one. How? Well, take a card in the Gameplay family… and so on.

The cards work very well if you are going to implement into SOCIAL SAMBA and CONDUCTTR. Make sure to use the Gameplay and create your own gameplay cards or chart.

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