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This is the article I had publish on a French online digital press agency where I have a temporary blog on transmedia (French & English). 

Webisode n°8 @ : 

" The Years of Web Transparency & Virtuous Google Circles "

#Transmedia  #NetworkOfNetworks 

Also for 2012 we are working on TRANSMEDIA EUROPE, maybe a Transmedia Alliance where we could work on practices, R&D, and sustain the international community with transparency, ethics and democracy.

Anyone who want to contribute please join the Open Group on LinkedIn.

Linkedin Group Transmedia Europe & Alliance 

Companies willing to participate please let us know. It can be a non-profit and a consortium of companies to raise a voice to the European Commission. A closed sub-group is there to help discuss the legal aspects and how to structure ourselves. I wish this project can maintain the necessary level of transparency that will be the proof of concept of what happens on the web to a Real Life situation. 




Also planning to converge my blogs and sites into a new single platform as soon as I can manage it and continue with the work in progress @TransmediaReady and the 7 Transmedia Families: 



For this purpose planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign in order to edit a new print of the Card Game of the 7 Transmedia Families and look for more partners.

You will be able to pre-buy our own set of cards, contribute to the making of the next versions from the successful prototype and contribute to the Think & Do Tank looking for appropriate terminology, good practices and methodology.

Please make a note that the back of the cards is for sale! This means that any sponsor printing the cards get its logo on all the cards and help the card game to evolve within the community of researchers and practitioners. This can be done for a single event or for a marketing campaign for the sponsor. The more we sponsor the card game, the more it can be sent out for free to professionals, researchers, practitioners and students.  

Any ideas or wishes about being involved in the 7 Transmedia Families? Some teachers and students will use it in their programme and I am willing to extend it with more cards for explanations, with the “Do It Yourself” project and an online exhibition, as well as a project for a book. All new talent is welcome.


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