Hacking Day in a Life (Hacking Backstage, a WebDoc)

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My participation in the "Life in a Day" doc&project for Sundance (Kevin Macdonald and Ridley Scott) is (was) active (anymore?). I shot in the French Alps, regional park of Mercantour as I was attending a home-made camp dedicated to digital experimentations, thinking, doing, sharing with geeks :


"...more than 1,800 meters above sea level by the beautiful village of Péone, the international meetings Estive Numérique aka Digital Peak, gathers artists, researchers, teachers, activists, hackers ("hackers": not to be confused with thieves or fraudster), and all public as well as locals, in a DIY camp for exchange and experimentation.

Presentations and workshops focus solely on freely licensed hardware, software and documentation within the general topics such as : Autonomy & Environment, Heritage and Digital society, Digital Democracy."


I use the Sony HD (very) small/light cam and a (big) Rode mike. I dont have time or floor to set a tripod so I use my arms & legs and whole body to adapt to site and set and dont always switch off between 2 shots.

AVCHD Files are transcoded into 422 .mov with ClipWrap,  filed in Final Cut Pro, exported in .mov H264, re-exported in Mpeg4 for You Tube upload untill post prod means something for diffusion... (on the go...)


I am an Observer + a Participant, not only a videomaker.

For July 24th 2010 Work in Progress (...editing for ourselves...)



rusradioru (the one helping)



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