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It has been sometime now that I wanted to start to write posts in English on "a" blog.

I am a bit of ashamed of the quality of my writing in the English "as a second language". So I have tried on Simon Pulman's blog (Transmythology) and it was actually quite interesting.


I met Simon in New York during my "think & do trip" about the transmedia "mythology" (ideas) and since then a lot is going on in the transmedia community.


The content here does give you clues of what I am cooking now as far as my work on transmedia creation. And soon, I will share more, I mean MORE, really, because you know what? I am making a "transmedia family"! (you can also read more in French on Owni : Transmedia Ready on OWNI



Clue : transmedia is an adjective !

Reminder : transmedia is not an entry in the dictionary


Paris/NYC January 2011 : 

"Hi “prolific” and smart Simon and other transmedia observers.
What I really enjoyed yesterday night, as per the POV of the “frog at bedtime” (I may remain French all my lifetime), is that Jeff Gomez was in the room trying to hide behind the walls; Christye Dena came to the chat room with her humour; transmedia friends from different locations and from other Meetups were there; knowing that Lance Weiler is getting ready for Sundance; others for next Meetup; some for SXSW; and parisians were about to have a transmedia breakfast in the next few hours;… so we can continue and play with the global conversation we have started in Twitter-Land and our “crossing-blogs”.

The fact that what I call the “Think and Do Tank” is actually happening is not surprising. What surprises me is the actual speed of the spreading. And what worries me is the gap that is going to form between “culture” and “business” (or “creation” and “ROI”) especially in Europe. Because in Europe we have this specialty about making gaps in order to spend time and public money to bridge them afterwards ! ;-( While the other nations are just going ahead with reliable research and great DIY. (Wonder where we can continue the discussion… I’ll ask the groups…)

Transmedia will only be if “global”, taking into account the cultures and languages, and made out of groups and sub-groups, interacting as we do now, “transient” groups which are going to compose, de-compose, in order to re-compose… and propose a business model for each ad-hoc transmedia creation or experience.

@TransmediaReady (Think & Do Tank…)


Reminder : At this point how do you Cross to Trans? (media)

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