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Trop galère pour publier vos articles à temps ?

Solution radicale : copier vos propres posts de vos propres réseaux !

Et voilà : -> Transmedia Paris France


Hello all,


1) From SXSW happening now in Austin Texas

there is a Transmedia Meetup at SXSW this week-end : we got the information from SCOTT WALKER

"...casual meetup of transmedia peeps at the SXSW conference : March 11th, 7pm, Omni Hotel bar/restaurant):  

(thanks to Dan Hon for setting up the Lanyrd page!)

Merci  ‏ @scott_walker


2) We have the pleasure to have 2 new sponsors :

CROSS VIDEO DAYS is joining in the organisation of the Meetup. @crossvideodays

Thank you very much to Mobile Events and Pervenche Beurrier!

We also have a nice group of people with the school for the Arts & Culture in Paris, EAC, where we can gather. Some students are currently working on research on transmedia.


3) Just moved to London, where I joined the company founded by Robert Pratten whom is a great inspiration for all transmedia storytellers with @TStoryteller

I continue to manage and help managing groups and events in social networks and in real life.

I will have the fun to help our sponsors and members to organise Meetups, Barcamps, Special Events...

For updates you can follow @KHenthuZiasm and @TransmediaReady

Just drop me an email for questions and come in with ideas and requests!

KH is @TransmediaReady

Here is the graphic from Transmedia Creator

Dominic de Haas @Dominic1978





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