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Social Media Boost & Universe
Social Media Boost & Universe

Creative minds of all kind this is for you.

I am my own coach. And you?

In order to progress in my recent projects and my global vision, I organise a new set up for my life and work. How?

From tradition to innovation.

What is the difference between Set up and Framework in my Game or World?

Each of us have a Universe of words and ideas.

Sometimes very traditional ideas are coming from the past, or people we have met (not to mention mentors, friends, family and teachers). You do not need to have a lot of imagination to move from tradition to innovation, you need to open your mind. Yes, you can. If you do have a lot of imagination, oh well, welcome to the world of the idealistic people and utopia! If you have not enough imagination there are now lots of coaching techniques to help you increase your creativity.

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Wording your personal universe is useful for SOCIAL MEDIA, for real life, for personal relationships and sometimes for work.

With your own Words and your own World you have a Whole universe, made of one big story that is YOU. On the side you have several “side-stories" where you evolve each time you return to those and that you can also use for your own branding, your projects, your progress.

Make a parallel between your life and your creative work.

You actually need to accomplish creative work for making your personal life more interesting and for working on your social media presence or marketing. As well as your branding, since nowadays, self branding, and business branding, can’t be plan and implemented without the social media marketing campaign.

You can not expect that someone else is going to be creative with your life for you, even if you pay them, even if they have so much talent, and, of my god, how can someone extract what is hidden inside your mind and heart?

Your creative universe is yours and only.

If someone else is taking over for implementing your world online, the social and public image of you becomes a "mis-take”. You want to master your online presence.

A few tips you can already meditate upon.

  • WWW = World Words Work.

Prepare a list of words that are part of your world. Remember, there is only one self, one world, you maybe have so much words or you are lacking of words, but you are able to write down 10 of them, NOW! There later becomes tags, hashtags and keywords for your online presence. They also turn to be the values you carry.

  • Tags, HashTags, are evolving with the web flow.

Take this for granted. But we work with innovation and not tradition. A tradition in social media is that you change tags according to the events and the news, you can also decide for your world and stick to tags that are defining you and your work the best way for a sustainable progress, for good practices, and for followers to recognise you for many more reasons than just a “new”. Sometimes “old” is new and old is good. The old tag is the tag that is yours and only, and the tag that is your sustainable world, the quality of you, your own value.

  • Records.

Measurement is the big deal for marketers and social media managers, but records are much better for human beings…

Measurement is for computers, for statistics and data visualisation. I actually did my dissertation on what I called “Data communication” working with statisticians and economists (LINK). We have consider many countries and practices for creating online content, courses, resources, app and data viz (LINK to sample). All of the great, great minds I have interviewed, encountered, worked with or admired, have one thing in common, not matter democrats, republicans, right, left, green, white or black, they think as human being not as machines, they behave with their own values, and their values take them where they are and where they struggle, no matter the cause.

The fundamentals are human values!

Take those human values of yours and switch them into tags and hashtags, list them, re-list them, change the order of the list, change again, and always use them.

If you miss a tag as you write, post or tweet, go to the list and use it!

That is a very good exercise to enhance your imagination and your creativity. Go! Tweet me now, let me see your own tags! For instance my new hashtag is #ProgressMakers but I still use the #Changemakers tag I have been using for years.

So, my success of the day - or, dear @MoniqueKainth, shall we call it a #dailysuccess? - is that I can write again! What a relief! Thank you.

For more success, you can ask me and my affiliates to work things out “with" you, instead of “for” you. So you can become your own coach for social media, for strategies and implementation!



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